In the words of the Pretenders, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE linens. I absolutely adore the quality thickness and weave of antique and vintage linens which were made to stand the test of time, and which I have taken great pleasure in collecting personally for years now.


But, that doesn’t have to mean covering all your tables with formal tablecloths and neatly folded napkins – well, sometimes that is called for but it depends on your vibe!


A carefully chosen use of linens and fabrics can bring the right amount of softness, texture and luxe to your event, be that in the form of a ceremony backdrop, ribbons adorning the chairs or a deliciously scrunched up table runner.


As part of my styling service you have full access to my ever-growing collection of quality linens and fabrics, plus the most important stylists’ eye to advise where and when to use them to get the look you want.


Alice x